Welcome to The Oliver King Foundation,

Our foundation has been set up in the name of Oliver King, a 12 year old who sadly passed away because of SADS.

Our aim is to try and raise awareness about the medical condition SADS which commonly affects people aged between 12 and 35 years of age.

By doing this through our fundraising events and major PR drives, our aim is to boost the awareness about SADS enabling us to take the first steps towards prevantative steps being made freely available.

We are currently based in Liverpool, UK and are striving to ensure that schools primarily get the equipment they need to help any young people who are affected by this condition.

Our long term vision is to expand beyond the boundaries of Liverpool, to ensure that the North West and the United Kingdom as a whole get a better knowledge and become more aware about SADS.

Feel free to browse around our site and, if you wish to get involved and be a part of our organisation, then please check out the contact us section and leave your details with us!








Anna Soubry MP visited Liverpool to launch The Oliver King Foundation Community Public Access Defibrillator scheme.

This scheme will see at least 10 public access defibrillators installed across communities in Liverpool, attached to the outside of buildings. Working closely with the ambulance service, this will save more lives!

After the event, the minister reiterated her promises that all new build schools should have defibrillators introduced and that she will be working with Michael Gove MP to get this in place.

We are delighted that the Government - and specifically the Minister - are recognising the value of this equipment and the importance of the campaign to save lives.

For more information about the event, click on the link below.




We are delighted to announce that Knowsley Council have given the foundation 70,000 to put a defib in every school in Knowsley, and to train 12 staff in each school.

We are delighted that Halton Borough Council are supporting our campaign and thank them for the support.

For more information about this, click on the link below and check out the information on page 5.




In support of The Oliver King Foundation, Kev Hammond from Runcorn Town Football Club is got on his bike to raise money and awareness for the foundation.

Kev and his team cycled from Runcorn Town’s home ground to Wembley Stadium 4 days.

Our thanks go out to Kev, his cycling team and all of Runcorn Town FC for their support.

For more information about the bikathon, click on the link below.



Rachel Conn
Oliver King Foundation